Wildist Inc

Wildist Inc is the parent company to a family of growing brands. Not to be confused with the toothpaste and consumer goods company with the same name, Wildist Inc was conceived by serial entrepreneur Damian Taggart in 2015 and formally launched in 2016 as an immersive adventure company but has since grown to encompass other endeavors. First and foremost, Wildist Inc is a vehicle for the expression of ideas and social change, secondly, it is a for-profit company offering unique products and services.

The Wildist Inc family of brands includes:


Wildist – through the Wildist brand we offer transformative experiences regionally and internationally as well as online courses and coaching.

New School of Movement – pop-up movement and dance events.

Dylan’s Dead Recording Company – a micro music label offering recording, mixing, mastering, and release for a small number of musical projects.

Savasana – Savasana is an expressive brand for clothing and accessories in the yoga and wellness space.

Human Insect – The Human Insect brand boasts irreverent and edgy active wear and fashion that isn’t afraid to speak bluntly and embrace political incorrectness in a time where few dare to do so.

Cult of the New Mainstream – an ongoing philosophical art project cataloging the evolving vision for a new morality and social contract as imagined by artist (and Wildist CEO), Damian “Animal” Taggart.

Other Wildist projects and brands

HōM – An innovative conceptual real estate start up that designs reimagined housing products that create more vital communities through innovative architecture and design that puts resident needs ahead of investment, seeking profitable returns without sacrificing amenities or the experience of tenants.

Half for Humanity/50% for the future – an initiative to get businesses to pay it forward by donating a full half of their profits to charitable causes and underserved populations.

The Created Life – an archived podcast and interview show we may resurrect at some point.

Taggart Metagalactic aka Taggart Consulting Group – formerly Far Path Consulting, the Taggart Consulting Group offers B2B strategic planning and data-driven insight for organizations seeking high level, out of the ordinary interdisciplinary thinking about how to break through plateaus in product lifecycle and business development.

SOMA Summit of Mindfulness and Action – a collaboration with cyberspace firm Merek Security to host a mindfulness conference in Santa Fe.


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