Some extra insight on our upcoming Africa trips

What better time to visit a new continent, improve your own life, learn about your world and make new friends? 😊 Get the full details on our upcoming African adventures for 2019 here!

Did you know…


Both of our Africa trips cost about 50% less than what you might pay for an adventure with a company like REI.

Group size:

Our trips will be manageable, intimate groups so you can get a chance to develop real connections.

Travel planning:

We provide you with a complete traveler orientation that walks you through everything you need to do, from passports to immunizations, to safety and packing.

All fitness levels:

Pur cultural immersion trip doesn’t require any special physical fitness or gear.

Not just a vacation:

Our programs are designed to be both exciting, fun, challenging, and restorative. We provide a rich set of experiences that maximize your time and impact.

Nature and culture:

Our trips offer you a mix of natural and cultural experiences.

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Early bird pricing is now available:

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