“Realistic” is history on repeat.

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, it’s okay to be honest about what scares you, how you are wrong, to show your homeliness and reveal your insecurities; to admit fault, to say I fucked up, I didn’t try hard enough, I failed, I don’t know.

It’s okay to do all that even if you’re afraid. It’s not only okay — it’s your super power.

Expression of your secret truth is a powerful act. It frees you and creates more space in your life to be whoever you want to be and whoever you actually are. Every time you dig deeper and don’t allow your fear of being judged, ridiculed, and hurt to silence your heart you are also making it safer for other people to do the same thing.

And if you share yourself and someone does hurt you or reacts badly to it, don’t let that disempower you or silence you. Forgive them. Let that shit go. That’s the best they can do at the moment.

Instead of reacting with anger, fear, and frustration show them a better way by the way you act. By the words you use. By the strength of your resolve. By the openness of your heart. By seeing them and giving them acceptance and love.

None of us look good from every angle. We mostly look like crap when we’re not striking a pose. All of us are wrong and ignorant and uninformed. Join me in letting the ruse of your public image go. If you already got this memo, help me spread it.

We have more in common than we have to separate us. I am learning from your example. Thank you for your courage and inspiration.

Life is too long to play it safe. Go for what you really want, not what you think is realistic. “Realistic” is history on repeat.

What happens when we aim higher? What else can we create?

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