I believe in all religions. I believe in belief.

I believe in Jesus.
I believe in Allah.
I believe in Krishna.
I believe in Buddha.
I believe in imagination.
I believe in you.
I believe in me.

The real juice is learning that it doesn’t matter what you give lip service to. It only matters what you do. If belief in a deity, religion, or ideology gives someone courage, love, and peace — then those are effective and powerful beliefs. If a belief is used to rally fear, hate, violence, and division — then that’s a powerful belief too.

I used to think it mattered that people thought like me, that I had a good bead on things, that I knew a little bit about what people should or should not believe. That kind of prescription is short-sighted. If you think you are right and don’t have room to understand or try on the value that others get from their beliefs, then you are simply missing the point of what belief is. Beliefs are tools. Every idea you form with language and symbol is belief. It’s abstraction and ideology. Even in the stance “I believe in nothing” or “atheist” is yet another belief. The “correct” answer is a pointless pursuit. I am interested in action. I am interested in uncovering a stance and point of view that shines a light toward unity, towards a created future. There is no unity in an insistence on being right. There might be unity in understanding the value people derive from their beliefs and seeing them as tools or lenses that serve a function.

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