Waking up to the non-binary

We live in a time of waking up to the non-binary.

For too long we’ve clung to such flawed cultural tropes like Good vs Evil and Rich vs Poor, to name a few of our most closely held dualities.

Thanks to the brave voices of a generation of empowered gender non-binary thinkers and activists, we are obliterating the tired shackles of gender norms that generations of feminist leaders began tearing down sixty years ago. Through their work it’s increasingly easy to see the areas we need to shine a light.

What is happening is a leveling up of our consciousness: we are getting better at discerning the details of a far richer gradient in all things. The resolution of our consciousness is improving. This detail has always been there, we just didn’t accept it or see it. No longer do we need to pin ourselves to some mythic extreme of manliness or femininity. No longer does it make sense for us to rigidly sort and categorize all things against some backdrop of Black or White, Chosen or Damned, High Art or Pop Entertainment, For-Profit or Charity, Residential or Commerical, and so on.

It is clear that many of our cultural institutions are now the walking dead: whole bodies of law and academics need to be replaced with innovative new projects for living and sharing.

There isn’t some dramatic feud between capital and labor. Niether is there some conspiracy of socialism trying to abolish freedom. There isn’t some magical divide between humans and animals, nature and humanity.

There is only a rich, multifaceted, exceedingly complex non-binary continual emergence of existence, and we are just getting brave enough to allow ourselves to see it.

Our mental maps are being slowly disintegrated and woven brilliantly anew with our ability and willingness to embrace a more complete and higher resolution view of what’s possible and what is.

This massive upgrade of our vision of ourselves and our world excites me so much. I can’t wait to see non-binary business and economics, non-binary experience, the non-binary self.

Let’s liberate everything we’ve kept locked in the dungeon of dualism and redraw the world in a million colors.


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