Wild love or the safety of disappointment?

All truly effective coaches, teachers, wise women, gurus, holy men, philosophers, doctors, poets, leaders, politicians, guides, artists and healers are ultimately telling the same story. We are manifestations of one consciousness, angling in at ways to express and understand a shared experience of the universe from our unique vantages.

How powerful a person is at being a leader is how completely they embody their calling, the expression of the truth of their potential. We call this integrity and authenticity, finding and following your calling, listening to and expressing your voice.

How widely your message is heard is up to you. How well defined your purpose is solely yours to declare in a wild ongoing act of creation. Each of us has a direct line to the ultimate source. It is up to us how we use that. We choose the path we follow. It is ours to decide what we value, to pursue freedom or comfort, wild love or the safety of disappointment, an expansive or impoverished self.

Death is not some foreign invasion, some horrific state to be avoided, it’s the source of gravity at the center of our lives. Death supplies weight to the temporary expressions of you and me, to the mountain and the desert. When we look close enough we see that the boundaries of life-into-death are indeterminate, the lines are fuzzy. When we look close enough we see the stories of our identities are also indeterminate. The stories of us are fictions we can unravel, to reveal something irreducible. From the irreducible ground of being, there is nothing to assert. There is only motion. A cosmic utterance, a dance in the medium of breath.

What is there I can let go of?

What new things can I allow myself to wonder?

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