Fear is not the opposite of love, learn how to flip that disempowering script

What we normally think of as “living in fear” is more accurately “living in safety”, it’s fear avoidance. When we let fear avoidance run our lives we play it safe. When we embrace fear by moving in uncharted directions following and exploring our fears, we find rich opportunity for growth. Almost every major breakthrough and success in my life came from working with fear.

Living in fear is living boldly. Fear is an opportunity to stretch our boundaries and find new strength by continuing to think and act in the presence of fear. Fear is a prerequisite for courage.

Fear is often thought of as some antithetical emotion, opposite of love. This is a false dichotomy. Fear and love are not related. They aren’t on the same spectrum. Fear is a feeling, a physiological tool for survival, a state of your nervous system. Love is an act, a force of will, a position, a stance. We can learn from fear and love.

When we deny fear by staying within the bounds and playing it safe we rob ourselves of new opportunities and the rewards of taking risks.

Be afraid. Follow it. Seek it. When you confront fear and allow it to fill you and note it’s presence and continue to think, act, and resolve yourself you break boundaries and become more than you were, you move your knowledge of what you’re capable of, and that’s growth.

We die in a little while no matter what. I am committed to keeping fear close in front of me, it’s a signal that my projects are challenging. I keep reminding myself death is at arm’s reach, and keep gratitude in my heart and love in my actions. Life is a creative act. What could we create if we stop avoiding fear?

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