Let it Go

If you’re angry at someone, open your heart. Find compassion for them like they were your sister, or better, yourself. If you have a grievance, it is a poison in your heart. Let it go or you will continue to suffer, nothing will change, and you will simply grow into the person you originally despised. When you are cast out, open your heart. When you are injured, open your heart. The harder it seems to open your heart, the more powerful doing so will be. It’s not easy to hold on to the little security you’ve fought so hard to amass and maintain. It’s not easy to protect a wounded heart. As luck would have it, it’s so easy to let go. That effortless peace and contentment, that only comes from simply letting go. You are the blank canvas for your sister’s softening, you are the vessel of silence to hold your brother’s healing words. It’s a privilege to know you, may your practice be stronger today than it was yesterday. May your heart be filled with the light of your silence.

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