You are what you create.

What would it take for you to like your neighbors?

What if we just tore down the fences between our backyards and created shared space?

You are not your money.
You are not your job.

You are your well-being.

There is no such thing as hourly work. Hours have no more presence in reality than millimeters.

When you work for a wage, you aren’t trading hours, you are trading your life.

Trading your life for money is fine, if you’re aligned with the work, if the value you derive from it empowers you and you can own it.

It doesn’t matter what you do. There is grace in working a server, a barber, a street cleaner, a retail clerk.

Don’t ever let your job define you.

Stop blaming capitalism, communism, your mother, or schooling, etc. You got what you got. How can you use it? Change the field of view.

Stop blaming, start building.

You are what you create.

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