Opening into Acceptance

And what is the disease of inertia, the heavy hand of regulation, the tyranny of patriarchy, the oppression of capitalism, the resistance of hierarchy but a revolt against the transgressions of our own sanctimonious and ungenerous will? We render the world that is chronicled by our prejudice. We manifest what we suspect. What we despise in the world that we reify by means of our beliefs is a reflection of our own shadow. If you would overthrow the corruption in the world, look first to the smallness of your own courage, to your own readiness to vilify and condemn, to the tyranny of resentment festering in your own heart. Emancipation is continual reorientation toward opening into acceptance. There is no quarter for condemnation in paradise. We erect a scaffolding of freedom by bridging the chasm between hearts. Life on earth is limited only by the vitality we seek to embody. The province of liberation is accountability. The world of tomorrow is ours to declare in a wild act of will.

You are the authority of final account.

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