About Wildist

Programs & Events

Wildist offers transformative wilderness experiences and weekend retreats. Our international and domestic treks offer you an opportunity to explore your planet and potential – get more out of your next vacation with an unforgettable experience. Our experiences and adventures are carefully crafted to foster personal growth helping you build skills, leadership, and confidence in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the southern Rocky Mountains. We offer programming specifically for men, for women, and special programs to build stronger bonds for parents and children and couples. We have plans for a series of quarterly Solstice/Equinox Summits as well as ongoing free Community Events in Santa Fe, NM. Join us for a once in a lifetime transformative adventure!

Training and Coaching

Get ongoing guidance and support through one-on-one coaching. Our personal, executive and business coaching will help you accelerate change and grow your impact. Start now »

Life is a five-star adventure. Be inspired.

Our Mission

Wildist is on a mission to empower you with skills, ideas and practices that radically improve the quality of your life, strengthen and deepen your relationships, help you create positive impact in your community and the world, and inspire you to manifest the life of your dreams through self mastery.

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.”
— Henry David Thoreau

The Wildist Vision

We envision a world where all people are inspired to lead lives of courageous health, love, and creativity. We strive to manifest a new paradigm for humanity and our planet that prioritizes our interdependence, celebrates freedom, innovation, radical acceptance and untamed compassion. We believe that we are humans first and all other aspects of our identities second. We see a path toward self mastery and abundance for all people that emanates from within each of us outward. We change the world by changing ourselves. We are not dissuaded by history or failure. We are not dissuaded by the impossible, we create new realities.

We are the meaning makers. We are the future framers. We are the authors of tomorrow.

Sounds grandiose? It is and it isn’t. Change begins and ends with you. When we each change ourselves and strive for radical new possibilities, we generate a ripple effect that moves through our families, communities and the world. Our self mastery helps everyone. Self-love means loving the world.

Skills and insights for power & possibility.

Our commitment to NO BULLSHIT.

We are committed to delivering impactful, relevant tools, skills and ideas and never wasting your time. All of our content is designed to be verifiable by you: either through simple fact-checking or by testing things out using your own direct experience and intuition. Nothing needs to be taken on faith. It’s our intent to clearly communicate compelling ideas that add value to your life and require no convincing because their impact can be assessed and felt directly through your own experience. You will never hear us placate you or insult your intelligence with half-cocked theories about channelling abundance by changing your vibration or unlocking unlimited wealth or power through jingoistic niceties and truisms.

Many pop cultural trends in life coaching, transformation, self help, and personal growth offer overly simplistic views and overly simplistic solutions. These often serve well in their primary function of making people feel better by alleviating stress caused by feelings of hopelessness or helplessness. When these things help people, they are worthwhile even if they’re incomplete. But at their worst they can be nothing more than a cynical snakeoil pushed on tactically targeted and often marginalized groups by crafty marketers and authors who themselves simply lack the sophistication to tell a more nuanced story.

We won’t sugar coat anything. We won’t tempt you with too good to be true rules for manifesting abundance in your life. We will talk about manifesting abundance, but we’re not going to pretend it’s effortless or that life doesn’t sometimes throw a major monkey wrench into things, regardless of how good your karma is. We won’t coax you into a daze like so many iconic soothsayers of self help.

You deserve the truth. In fact, it’s our mission to provide tools that help expose reality and then shine a light toward a future you design. We are sincere in our hearts and beliefs, and we’re sharing them with you, for your discussion, consideration, adoption and improvement. We’re 100% committed to no bullshit and we hope you are too. ♥️

“Times of scarcity, fear and hate call for revolutionary love & courage.”
— Damian Taggart, CEO, Wildist

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