Self Development

Wild love or the safety of disappointment?

All truly effective coaches, teachers, wise women, gurus, holy men, philosophers, doctors, poets, leaders, politicians, guides, artists and healers are ultimately telling the same story. We are manifestations of one consciousness, angling in at ways to express and understand a shared experience of the universe from our unique vantages. How powerful a person is at …

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Masculinity isn’t toxic

The phrase “toxic masculinity” has become a trendy way to encapsulate and call out antisocial, violent and aggressive behaviors associated with maleness/masculinity. While the phrase is catchy and pointed, it can also be harmful to both men (and women) if it’s used without proper context and specificity. Carelessly throwing around phrases like “toxic masculinity” has …

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What’s wrong with the “Law of Attraction”

A lot of voices in the self help, pop psychology, and life coaching industry get caught up in wanting to say nice things. People like to talk about things that soothe us, assuage our fears, promise satisfaction, happiness, love and wealth through the application of simple “rules for living” like the “law of attraction” and …

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