Cipriano Ortega on Art and Overcoming Adversity

The Created Life
The Created Life
Cipriano Ortega on Art and Overcoming Adversity

On today’s episode of The Created Life, I have the distinct pleasure of speaking with a unique multimedia and performance artist, Cipriano Ortega, about their work as an artist, their journey with muscle tension dysphonia and how that impacted their life, as well as diving into their personal philosophy and outlook.

On today’s episode Damian Taggart and Cipriano Ortega discuss:

  • Dealing with muscle tension dysphonia
  • Personal growth & self-healing
  • The role of art
  • 90s grunge and 60s psychedelic music
  • Identity as a queer, indigenous person, and person of color
  • The impact of perception and how we are seen
  • Embracing impermanence
  • Living in a “hostile universe”



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