Creating Balance with Ulrik Fossum

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Creating Balance with Ulrik Fossum

On today’s episode of The Created Life I interview a thoughtful and extremely focused individual from Norway, Urlik Fossum. Ulrik is a “handbalancer”, personal trainer and coach that I discovered through Instagram. Ulrik’s humor, storytelling, total commitment and focus drew me in and I’ve gotten a lot out of following him on social media. I hope you enjoy our conversation today and please show your support for the show by sharing this episode or tagging @wild1st in your story and letting us know what you liked most about today’s episode.

Ulrik Fossum and I discuss many things including (but not limited to!):

  • Handbalancing
  • Effective use of Instagram
  • How to achieve balance
  • How the master/sensei relationship is problematic
  • The relationship between flexibility and strength
  • “Fat acceptance”
  • Dealing with injuries, “it’s only pain, it’s not dangerous”
  • Nutrition

Some quotes/links from Ulrik’s IG posts:

Ulrik’s before and after shots

Ulrik’s post on fat shaming and fat acceptance

“Today is pride. “But isn’t sexuality a private matter?” Not really no. Not when people don’t feel safe for being who they are. When people lose their jobs or get beaten up for who they love. That makes it a matter for all of us. It’s our responsibility to actively stick up and express that we support freedom in love. And that hate is unacceptable. It’s unbelievable that we actually need it tho. When it’s so obvious common sense. But common sense isn’t common for everyone. Therefore we need to show our support. Love is love (,baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.)”

“There is no meaning. There is no great plan where things work out on its own. You make decisions and create a meaning and a way to go. Time won’t do it for you.
I hate when people give time responsibility for growth, or lack of growth. As time was a person that pulls the load for you if you don’t pull the load yourself now. “I won’t be able to do that in 10 years”. I agree. Because time has nothing to do with your lack of working for it.”

“The question shouldn’t be whether or not you can do it. You probably can. The question should be weather or not you want to dedicate yourself to it. Do you want to pay what it costs? Is it worth it to you? Will it make you more or less happy than you are today? I think this train of thoughts subconsciously is why I complain and show the pain and frustration in my training. Not because I hate it (I love it), but to build realistic expectations of what goes into the skills I am working on. So it’s easier to decide ahead if you think the time, effort and frustration is worth the results. For me it is. I like to have something to challenge me, to perfect and hopefully master. And as you now hopefully have read; that does not mean it is worth it for you.”

— Ulrik Fossum

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