Deollo Johnson on The Created Life

Fasting, Health, and Self-Acceptance with Deollo Johnson

The Created Life
The Created Life
Fasting, Health, and Self-Acceptance with Deollo Johnson

On today’s episode of The Created Life, I speak with a man of many talents, Deollo Johnson. Deollo is an accomplished martial artist, professional dancer and dance educator, qigong and meditation teacher, artist, speaker, and author. Deollo has performed and taught internationally. He facilitates diversity awareness and leadership development trainings, does motivational speaking, and engages in creative expression in many mediums. Deollo is committed to total, multi-dimensional fitness, and practices the principles of peak performance, essential nutrition, health and vitality, cleansing, and healing on all levels.

On today’s episode Deollo Johnson and Damian Taggart discuss:

  • Deollo’s 7-day Deep Fast: sensory deprivation, no sight, no food, no technology, and total isolation!
  • veganism, “eating closer to the sun”
  • fasting
  • meditation
  • calisthenics/physical training
  • “human doing vs human being”
  • nutrition, addiction to food
  • moving “stuck” energy
  • The alchemy of distilling the trauma of your past into wisdom in the present
  • Focusing on outcomes and results
  • Accepting differences
  • Effective Training requires rest and food
  • Dance
  • Self-image and unconditional self-acceptance and transformation



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