Making Creative Impact in Business and Life with Michael Davis, CEO of Merek Security

Making Creative Impact in Business and Life with Michael Davis, CEO of Merek Security

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Welcome back to another great episode of The Created Life. It’s tax day here in the United States so hopefully you’ve got that sometimes unpleasant civic duty out of the way and are ready to enjoy this week’s episode. Today I speak with an engaging and inspiring man who spent 22 years in the United States Navy before founding a cyber security company with one of his best friends. Michael offers a positive perspective on life that I find really refreshing. He is also chair of the Human Rights Alliance.

“Everything matters, everything impacts you in some way.”
— Michael Davis

Michael Davis and I discuss:

  • Michael’s 22 year career serving in the Navy as an information systems technician manager
  • The benefit of simultaneously having a structured career path alongside his other passions
  • Getting outside his comfort zone to found his own information security company
  • The importance of networking for business success
  • Slowing things down to avoid scaling too fast
  • Moving from a being friends to being business partners with someone you’ve known for many years
  • Michael’s concept of “Cyber Happiness” — balancing our behavior and technology use
  • Social media use and authentic connection
  • Michael’s advice for getting things done and being effective
  • Community, love, friendship as the basis for a good life
  • Michael’s experience coming out as a gay man
  • And so much more!

Learn more about Michael’s company and work:


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