Ryan Foo

Ryan Foo on Life, Theater, Entrepreneurship, and Consciousness

The Created Life
The Created Life
Ryan Foo on Life, Theater, Entrepreneurship, and Consciousness

On today’s episode of TCL I have the pleasure of speaking with the dynamic Ryan Foo about theater, entrepreneurialism, self-awareness, spirituality, art, and much more!

On this episode of The Created Life Damian Taggart and Ryan Foo discuss:

  • Ryan Foo’s version numbering system and long term amnesia from a car accident
  • Theater and art
  • The Black Actors Guild
  • David Mamet, is acting lying/or telling the truth?
  • the role of storytelling in culture
  • creating new narratives that are inclusive and applicable regardless of identity
  • the role of for-profit entities in social change
  • the role of nonprofits in a capitalist system
  • anarcho-syndicalism
  • capitalism and value
  • Morality and following orders
  • “The rabbit hole of consciousness”
  • Masculinity and the modern male
  • Parenthood
  • Spirituality, God, union, consciousness

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