Storytelling for Impact with Jackie Munro

Storytelling for Impact with Jackie Munro

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On this week’s episode of The Created Life podcast I have a wide-ranging conversation with an accomplished filmmaker and storyteller, Jackie Munro, whose 2016 feature documentary Una Nueva Tierra profiled the lives of families living at the edge of our society. In today’s show Jackie shares perceptive views on storytelling and her motivations as a creator.

Jackie and I discuss:

  • Making the transition from fine art photography to documentary film
  • Teaching photography to children in NYC public schools
  • Her 2016 feature film Una Nueva Tierra
  • Being inspired by people that are living with fewer resources
  • The importance of being honest and open
  • Teaching photography to women recovering from heroin addiction
  • Jackie’s current project in Nicaragua
  • Equity, social justice, how we interact with each other
  • The issues of solving problems at scale versus locally (Amazon vs local merchants, etc.)
  • Being stoked about hard problems and much more!

“We’re all experts on our own experience.”
— Jackie Munro

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