TCL Wrap up

The Created Life
TCL Wrap up

Welcome to the Created Life. After a good run with TCL since the very first episode in 2018, I have decided to put the show on an indefinite hiatus while I focus on my new podcast, Cult of the New Mainstream. Thanks to everyone who came on the show as a guest and my apologies to anyone who I interviewed that never made it onto an episode. I’ll be leaving the back catalog of shows accessible for now since they are still getting a decent number of listeners each week.

TCL’s parent company, Wildist, is undergoing some transformations at present as we prepare for some new offerings in 2021. I am reworking the company services and offerings to better cater to the needs of the global community and to include a more integrative approach to personal development, and wellness through empowerment and experiential learning. A new website, with a lot of new programming will be live in 2021.

I am also beginning to put time and energy into a three new brands, the first is my new ongoing art project, Cult of the New Mainstream, which takes the form of both an email newsletter and a podcast, full of intimate and thoughtful episodes, essays, poetry, and visual art, all relating to the emergence of a positive global culture based on a profound “revaluation of values”, a re-examination of the underlying social contract we operate within, and of deep questions about the purpose of life and death as a human being in the post-modern and Post-structuralist age. It’s a really exciting project and I hope you will check it out. You can tune in to the Cult of the New Mainstream podcast on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and elsewhere, as well as directly from the Cult of the New Mainstream website,

Another new brand I am beginning to work on is the Vitality Collective, a business dedicated to empowering people through bodyweight fitness, movement, nutrition, and a proactive approach to mental and physical health.

On top of those two brands I am also launching a clothing company called Savasana in 2021 that I have been developing for the past year and a half. This brand is still very much in its early startup phase but you can check out the product catalog and order things now at the website Savasana aims to be an edgy and expressive source for sustainable clothing that helps you live an active and mindful lifestyle. Savasana is also a bit of a social experiment for me, I am committing the company to giving away a full 50% of profit through a new not for profit endeavor I founded called “Half for Humanity”. Half for Humanity is a project that I hope to use to inspire other businesses and entrepreneurs, especially new startups, to consider using profit as an engine for social change and “paying it forward”. In a lot of ways Half for Humanity is a challenge to the businesses that have gotten used to resting on the laurels of their greenwashed images, through their participation in projects such “1% for the planet”, which, although clearly doing good in the world, is a very small step in the right direction. Half for Humanity aims to cause profound change, not simply to help businesses position themselves as “virtuous” in the marketplace. Learn more at

Also of note, my third book, The Skeleton Sutras, is now available on Amazon in print and as an ebook. The Skeleton Sutras is a kind of radical declaration of values divergent from some of the historical norms we were raised with, cloaked in a thin layer of fiction. It’s an interesting and unusual book to say the least and I hope you’ll check it out.

Thank you for being a listener of the Crearted Life, I hope you found something of value here. Stay tuned for more from Wildist, Cult of the New Mainstream, the Vitality Collective, and Savasana all coming in 2021. Wishing you a wild and free winter season. Don’t forget that life is for the living, let’s not let safety be our only concern, let’s get out there and live it up a little–follow your adventurous spirit.

With love and gratitude, this is Damian Taggart signing off.

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