The Courage to Trust Your Voice with Roger Montoya of Moving Arts

The Courage to Trust Your Voice with Roger Montoya of Moving Arts

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On today’s podcast I have the privilege of interviewing an incredibly talented and kind man who has dedicated the past 30 years of his life to creating a safe haven for youth in Española through arts education. Roger Montoya is co-founder and artistic director for Moving Arts, a nonprofit dedicated to uplifting the lives of youth in a community that has endured generational poverty, addiction, and familial violence. Since being diagnosed with HIV in the late 1980s Roger has spent his life pursuing meaningful impact through the arts.

This is a really great conversation with a wonderful human being that I am truly inspired by, please give it a listen. You can support the work of The Created Life by telling your friends about the podcast and sharing this episode.

“Trust your voice. You are unique and you have every right to make it heard.”
— Roger Montoya, Moving Arts

Roger Montoya of Moving Arts and Damian Taggart discuss: 

  • The history and mission of Moving Arts (after school tutoring, youth mentors, dance, music, drama, culinary arts, acrobatics, nutrition)
  • Creating a safe haven for youth to learn and express creativity
  • Covering all bases for creating vitality in the community
  • Mind, body and spirit
  • How underserved youth, talented artists, and empty buildings can be a recipe for breaking the cycle of historical trauma from addiction, violence, poverty, creating an opening for expression and therapeutic modalities
  • Using the arts as medicine
  • Adults mentoring teens who are mentoring kids (the importance of bringing different age groups together)
  • Leadership and Creativity
  • Overcoming adversity, being present to death
  • Gratitude and the importance of being in touch with your physical health
  • Connectivity to the soil, the seed, nature

Learn more and get involved:

Moving Arts Website

The short film Roger and I discuss in the show:

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