Climbing Vertical Ice with Graham Zimmerman & Lyndsay Houston

Climbing Vertical Ice with Graham Zimmerman & Lyndsay Houston

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Welcome to the first episode of The Created Life podcast with Damian Taggart! I am extremely excited to start sharing with you the stories and knowledge I am learning from inspiring entrepreneurs, athletes, and creatives — people who are engaged in life and pursuing their passions and giving back to their communities. In this episode I interview two athletes that I met at the 24th Annual Ouray Ice Festival a few weeks ago in Ouray, Colorado. The first is filmmaker and alpinist, Graham Zimmerman and the second is ice climbing competitor for Team Canada in this year’s UIAA World Cup, Lyndsay Houston.

Graham Zimmerman

Born in New Zealand raised in the Northwest. After being exposed to alpine terrain in the Cascades he moved back to NZ where he cut his teeth in the Southern Alps and became a strong part of the Kiwi climbing community. Then, after graduating from university in 2007 he moved back to the states and has been focused on climbing as it applies to alpinism ever since. This has taken him on expeditions from Alaska to Patagonia to Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan and all over the lower 48 and Canada where he has established dozens of significant new routes on rock, ice and snow.

He specializes in complex logistics having run over 30 expeditions and assignments to many parts of the world including Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Alaska, Argentina, Eritrea and Kenya. For his climbing exploits Graham won the 2010 New Zealand Alpinist of the Year and was a finalist for the 2014 Piolet d’Or (alpine climbing’s equivalent to an Olympic gold medal) and won the 2017 Cutting Edge Award from the American Alpine Club. You can learn more about Graham’s work on his website:

Lyndsay Houston, Ice climber for Team Canada

Lyndsay Houston

Lyndsay is an ice climber for Team Canada in both lead and speed climbing, a gymnastics coach 🤸🏼‍♀️ and mentor. And an avid rock, mixed, ice climber, and  gear reviewer. You can follow Lyndsay and support her climbing from her Instagram:

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