Erwan Le Corre , founder of MovNat

Philosopher of Natural Movement: Erwan Le Corre

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Philosopher of Natural Movement: Erwan Le Corre

Welcome to Episode 002 of The Created Life Podcast! This week’s interview is with Erwan Le Corre, a French American movement guru and founder of MovNat — a system for training natural movement. Erwan has a brand new book out called “The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” available now.

Erwan invited me down to beautiful, sunny Tulum, Mexico to interview him for the podcast while he was there teaching some MovNat courses. I jumped at the opportunity for a temporary escape from the clutches of winter. This was my first trip to the Yucatan and I got a chance to explore Tulum, visit a beautiful freshwater cenote, and even do a 1-mile swim from the main beach at Tulum over to the Tulum ruins.

I met up with Erwan the following day and as you’ll hear from our interview, we had a tough go finding a reasonably quiet place to record. The entire neighborhood we were in was under construction it seemed, so we wound up doing the interview in an upscale hotel lobby.

After my interview with Erwan, I got to participate in a 2-day MovNat Combative workshop that taught real world self defense skills using the foundations of natural movement set forth by the MovNat curriculum. I found the experience of the combative training to be very worthwhile: it focused on simple tactics that are applicable in realistic “street fighting” type situations. The techniques taught were simple and effective. The course focused a lot on the psychology of not being a victim, and being able to react and think in stressful circumstances. The course also taught situational awareness and the psychological aspects of self defense. During one of the drills I even got to experience what it was like to be tasered while being beaten on by about 8 of my classmates, while at the same time having to remember a series of random numbers that were being called out by the instructor in order to practice keeping focus and ability to observe and recall details in a stressful situation.

In this episode, Erwan and I discuss the origins of MovNat, the value of allowing children to be in situations with a certain degree of risk to support their natural instincts and development. We talk about the idea of modern people being “zoo humans”, Erwan gives his take on Ido Portal’s idea of “movement culture”, we discuss having a unified life the unity between body and mind, why we evolved to have brains, and why a vision is more important than having a dream. We even get into Erwan’s vision of a “reverse zombie apocalypse”! Despite a little background noise, I think this is a really great discussion and I hope you enjoy it much as did.

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That’s it for this week’s installment of The Created Life! Check back in next week for my interview with Lutheran Pastor and social justice activist, Bill Thomson.

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