Social Justice and Unity with Pastor Bill Thompson

Social Justice and Unity with Pastor Bill Thompson

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On this week’s installment of The Created Life I interview septuagenarian William Thompson, a retired 76-year young Lutheran Minister, social justice activist, and professor. Bill Thompson found direction in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, graduated from Union Theological Seminary and spent the next 16 years serving the poor. Subsequently Bill taught at Bowling Green University teaching courses on ethnic diversity in social work and developed immersion trips to the South Bronx and the Navajo Reservation.

During my interview with Bill we discuss a pretty wide range of topics including:

  • How individual behaviors create “dominant culture”
  • The important of being “open” to inspiration and passion
  • The importance of discovering a foundation of unity with other people and cultures in order to celebrate differences
  • Finding happiness and connection, by allowing fear and awareness of death into our lives
  • How sharing your pain with others can heal you and them
  • The relationship between addiction and disconnection and the purpose of meditation

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