Taking out the trash with Emma Cohen, CEO of FinalStraw

Taking out the trash with Emma Cohen, CEO of FinalStraw

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On this week’s episode of The Created Life I talk trash with Emma Cohen, co-founder and CEO of FinalStraw, a scrappy start-up that hopes to change consumer habits by replacing single use products with what they’ve dubbed “foreverables”: products they guarantee to last a lifetime.

Emma and I also talk about her path to success, what she’s learned along the way, what she’s inspired by and what she hopes to inspire in others. In the show Emma paraphrases a quote from Noam Chomsky: “with increased privilege comes increased responsibility” and I think that’s a great way to look at it.

On this week’s episode Emma Cohen and Damian Taggart discuss:

  • guaranteeing products for life
  • empowering consumers to take responsibility for creating demand
  • raising $2mm on Kickstarter and selling the first quarter million FinalStraws
  • Emma’s career in waste reduction
  • challenging “how it’s always been done”
  • tending the flame of a formative company
  • things you can do right now to reduce waste
  • the difference between a need and a want

Visit https://finalstraw.com for more information or to get your own FinalStraw!


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