Theo Wilson on Race, Masculinity, and Identity

The Created Life
The Created Life
Theo Wilson on Race, Masculinity, and Identity

On this extra awesome World Health Organization-approved COVID-19 safe episode of The Created Life, I have the distinct pleasure of discussing a number of really important topics with the multitalented Theo Wilson of Denver, Colorado. We discuss race, gender, responsibility, identity, creativity, and more. This is a not-to-miss episode with a very eloquent and fascinating creator. Theo is founder of Shop Talk Live an impromptu forum for community conversations hosted in barbershops with the goal of overcoming a “trust deficit” in our communities.

Theo Wilson and Damian Taggart discuss:

  • How meaningful conversations bridge gaps across political and racial divides
  • Power to see each other as human beings and not conditioned responses
  • Issues impacting the black community
  • The #metoo movement in the black community
  • Creating a “unified front” that doesn’t break down along gender lines
  • Combating and recognizing misogyny in ourselves
  • Integrity and discipline
  • How celebrity changed Theo’s life and launched his career
  • Getting outside “the echo chamber of your life”
  • Whiteness, blackness, and heritage
  • Engineering abundance instead of scarcity

“If you’re too comfortable, you might be doing something wrong.”
— Theo Wilson, on The Creared Life podcast

  • Rethinking the Law of Attraction
  • The impact of overnight viral fame on Theo’s life
  • Theo’s experience posing as a white supremacist online
  • Conservatism vs. racism
  • The future of racial and group identity, tribe
  • Alchemizing the negative into the positive
  • Responsibility to create things that are positive as an artist

Learn more about Theo Wilson:


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