Aaron Kirunda, CEO, enjuba

Words to Change the World with Aaron Kirunda

Words to Change the World with Aaron Kirunda

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On today’s episode of The Created Life I speak with Aaron Kirunda,  founder and CEO of Enjuba, a business empowering community through literacy. Aaron is a native Ugandan social impact entrepreneur that I met while traveling in Uganda last October. Aaron and I spent an afternoon hiking through remote villages in southern Uganda near Lake Bunyonyi.  On today’s show Aaron shares his inspiring story of overcoming extreme poverty, accepting responsibility to be a leader for his community and country, and rising to the challenge of making a difference and staying positive in the face of major social problems.

Aaron and I discuss:

  • Using business for positive change with a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit
  • Aaron’s personal story of overcoming abject poverty
  • Life under the dictatorship of Yoweri Museveni
  • Startups in the developing world
  • Issues facing Uganda
  • Empowering people through economic development
  • The importance of literacy and education
  • Creating impact in your community and improving the world for future generations
  • Focusing on the positive and being in control of what information you intake
  • Aaron’s influences and advice for living a powerful life
  • How people in developed countries can be helpful to people in the developing world (and how it is not what westerners might think)

“Words change the world.”
– Aaron Kirunda, CEO, enjuba



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