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One Coach for a Whole You: New Insights, Refined Goals, Accountability, Encouragement.

Wildist one-on-one life coaching sessions are a powerful tool for gaining a new perspective on your life, career, fitness, finances, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and relationships. Life coaching opens up new possibilities for growth and satisfaction by giving you a new perspective and fresh ideas you can apply to your daily challenges and goals. Discover new options in your personal and professional life to create a life you love. We will help you clarify your goals, keep you motivated and on track in all key areas of your life: your career, your health, your finances, your time management, and your relationships. Schedule a free session now.

How it Works

We’ll set regular 50-minute sessions and discuss what’s most important to you currently. In between sessions you’ll be assigned things to think about and journal on as you go about your life. This time is yours to direct whether it’s for setting and achieving goals, looking for a new way of thinking about relationships, work, fitness, or health. Coaching helps you make changes and get results! You can pause, resume and cancel your coaching subscription at any time through your account dashboard on this site. Get started today with your first free session.

What Clients Have to Say

For the past 3 months I have been doing life coaching sessions with Damian Taggart. it has been a life changing experience. With Damian’s guidance, suggestions, encouragement and ideas I have been able to look at fears, anger, loss, and anxieties that have held me back, face them and let them go for good. Amazing freeing experience! I highly recommend Damian to anyone who wants to let go and be the “best you” and can be done over the phone so anyone on the planet can participate.
— Kathy Carey

Damian Taggart is a leader. He is a strong, patient, wise, kind and caring man. His coaching and programs offer just enough push into the unknown coupled with a gentle hand of understanding of how challenging, yet rewarding, the unknown can be. From his program I gained a freedom from self-judgment that led to consistency in my fitness, more self-love, more love for others and an obliteration of fears.
— Craig Thomas McAdams, Psychotherapist, Educator and Actor

“Damian’s presence and listening skills are recognizably shamanic. He has the ability to tap into core issues, as his awarenesses go beyond what is commonly seen, and reflect back his findings with clarity and intention. Damian’s kindhearted self is multifaceted, and comes with not only spiritual wisdom, but also business knowing and interrelationship expertise. Whatever you might be experiencing in life, I highly recommend Damian to see you through it!”
— Shakti Kroopkin, Artist

I really enjoyed working with Damian. He is authentic, empathetic, and a good listener. He brings a lot of insight from his personal experience. He also has a wealth of knowledge and has great ideas to help work through difficult life situations and emotions. I learned little tools that I can use daily to help reduce my stress and help focus, and I learned different – healthier – perspectives to view situations. It is a pleasure talking to Damian.
— Joshua Faulconer, Geologist

I had a great coach session today with Damian Taggart! For any of you considering his coaching services, I will say this: Damian has the articulate empathy, infectious enthusiasm, experience-based insight, and solution-based perspective to become a real leader in this field…so get in now while he’s still affordable. Thank you, Damian!
— Andra Maguran, Writer

Other Benefits

As long as you are a coaching client you’ll get access to a suite of tools to help boost your success including a monthly Life Satisfaction Checkup, worksheets, and exercises for developing your goals and beliefs and other tools for leading a more powerful life.

You will also get full access for free to new Wildist course materials as they become available (videos, reading, tools, experience prompts and exercises) — before they are available to the general public. You’ll be among the first to use the curriculum and will have the opportunity to help shape it by providing feedback on your experience.

I’m inspired by your desire to change your life for the better and honored to be working together!  I have experience working with a wide range of ages, gender-identifications, nationalities and economic backgrounds. I can help you set and follow through on goals, prioritize them and offer a different perspective that opens up new possibilities for your life.
— Damian Taggart

In addition to your coaching sessions, you get access to all of our personal growth tools including the Life Satisfaction Checkup, various worksheets for developing your goals, unpacking your beliefs and other tools for leading a more powerful life.

  • One-on-one Coaching sessions
  • Life Satisfaction Checkups
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Fitness goal setting and personal training
  • Early Access to exclusive Wildist content
  • 10% off all Wildist products and merchandise
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