Personal Training and Fitness Coaching

From: $250.00 / week


  • Up to three sessions per week together, either in person or as remote
  • Custom designed fitness plan with long term and short term goals and periodization
  • Monthly review of progress and goals, to make adjustments to training plan
  • Assistance overcoming mental and physical obstacles to training
  • Custom programs for your specific goals and fitness levels for athletic performance, hypertrophy training, power and strength training, bodyweight training, body composition goals, endurance events, or mountaineering
  • Advanced program design using drop sets, split routines, supersets, and more
  • Support and coaching for other lifestyle changes (eating well, drinking less alcohol, etc.)
  • For when you are on the road I’ll supply you with alternative routines that use little or no weights or gear so you can stay active even while traveling
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1 session, 3 check-ins per week, 3 sessions, 5 check-ins per week